Contact a Recruiter to Start the Process


Speaking with a Landstar recruiter about your current situation and future goals is a great way to start the process with Landstar.

Landstar KCL Agency has been recruiting for over 20 years and has discussed Landstar’s second-to-none career opportunities with thousands of owner-operators.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve answered every recruiting question imaginable.” states Mark Welch,  reflecting on his two decades as a Landstar recruiter and founder of Landstar KCL agency. “No two people or backgrounds are the same, which is why I enjoy what I do. For owner-operators with clean criminal backgrounds and good safety records, and at least one year of verifiable over-the-road experience, no other trucking opportunity comes close to Landstar’s.”

The five most important qualifications necessary for Landstar:

  • Clean criminal background
  • Good safety record
  • One year of verifiable over-the-road experience within the past three years
  • Hazmat certification
  • Must own a tractor that can support an electronic onboard recorder

Click here to read Landstar’s complete list of driver requirements.

The number one reason owner-operators lease their equipment to Landstar is the freedom. Freedom to choose where and when you work, and which loads you take. “According to Landstar, average truck revenue was $176,000 in 2015, and Landstar drivers didn’t achieve that number by simply chasing miles,” explains Mr. Welch. “They did it by working smart and taking the time to plan their weeks and loads in advance, thanks to the freedom and technology Landstar offers.”

Landstar’s Load Board and Load Alert technology help its owner-operators locate and secure higher paying loads in and out of load-rich regions and cities. Mr. Welch cites the proper utilization of this technology as a major factor in owner-operator success. “Successful Landstar drivers utilize our first class technology. Once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy to run strong. Sure, a load will cancel every once in a while, but Landstar’s Load Board and Load Alert technology help you find another one right away and gets you back on track.”

Speaking with a Landstar recruiter can help you decide if Landstar is good fit for you. A Landstar recruiter can evaluate your current situation over the phone and provide insight on how Landstar can have a positive impact on your career and life.

If you would like to speak to a Landstar recruiter, click here. If you would like to apply with Landstar, click here.