Landstar Owner-Operator Requirements 

Below are Landstar's minimum requirements. While Landstar minimum requirements may appear to be similar to other carriers, Landstar insists on partnering with only the safest drivers in the industry. Having the safest drivers allows Landstar to move high-value and specialized freight for the most demanding customers, a privilege taken very seriously at Landstar. Meeting the Landstar minimum requirements does not guarantee approval.

  • Must be at least 23 years of age, possessing a Class A CDL with HazMat (H) or combination (X) endorsement.
  • No more than two at-fault accidents and two motor vehicle violations within the previous 36 months, or no more than one at-fault accident and three motor vehicle violations during the previous 36 months.
  • No involvement in a preventable DOT recordable accident in the past 12 months.
  • Operators must have one year (six months for Expedited) of verifiable over-the-road driving (including snow and ice) within the past three years or three years verifiable experience in the last 10 years, of which six months must be within the previous 48 months, with a Class A (or Class B for Expedited) CDL using the type of equipment similar to what you will be operating at Landstar.
  • No felony convictions within the past 7 years. All other felony and misdemeanor charges are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • No positive drug or alcohol test including refusals and pre-employment results.
  • No suspensions of more than 30 days for moving violations in the last 36 months.
  • No more than one serious violation as defined on Table 2 of section 383.51 of the FMCSR handbook within the previous 36 months prior to qualification.
  • No railroad-highway grade crossing offenses as defined on Table 3 of section 383.51 of the FMCSR handbook within the previous 36 months prior to qualification.
  • No citations or convictions for Reckless Driving or Careless Endangerment during the 36 month period prior to the order date of the MVR.
  • No DUI charges during the 60 month period prior to the order date of the MVR in a personal or non-commercial vehicle and never in a commercial vehicle.
  • Proficient enough in English to understand highway traffic signs and signals, respond to official inquiries, make entries on reports and records, and converse with the public.

To be approved with Landstar, you will also need to provide and maintain proper levels and types of approved insurance during your lease with Landstar including:

Unladen Liability and Occupational Accident coverage or, in some cases, statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage are mandatory. If you do not participate in the Unladen Liability and/or CPP (Occupational Accident insurance) programs, you must show comparable Unladen Liability coverage and/or Occupational Accident coverage through acceptable insurance carriers.

If statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage is required and you do not participate in the fleet workers’ compensation plan (FWCP) program, coverage must be provided by licensed carriers with acceptable interstate coverage.

Note: These are minimum operator qualification standards subject to DOT requirements, and Landstar may impose more stringent requirements at its option. The decision whether to qualify an operator will be made by Landstar in its sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis.

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Does Landstar Require an Electronic Logging Device?


As long as your tractor has an electronically controlled engine, capable of functioning with an ELD (Electronic Logging Device), it does not need to be any particular make, model, color, or year. Always remember, a Landstar driver’s main objective is to run smart, not hard, and the overwhelming consensus among Landstar owner operators is ELDs relieve drivers of having to maintain paper logs. Landstar loans ELDs to all new drivers and pays for installation.

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