Landstar's Advantage with High Value, High Risk Freight


When shipping high value, high risk freight, look no further than Landstar. Landstar's very high standards involved in approving owner-operator applicants seeking to lease on and haul exclusively for Landstar has allowed Landstar to become one of the safest logistics companies in the world.

Not only does Landstar Trucking have one of the safest fleets of drivers in the industry, all of Landstar's equipment gets inspected more frequently than required by law. High standards like these give Landstar the unique advantage of having loads worth millions of dollars insured by Loyds of London, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Landstar's "safety above service" work ethic gives customers peace of mind knowing their high value / high risk cargo is covered in the worst case scenario.

Landstar insures nearly all types of high value cargo, including high-end electronics, arms, ammunition, explosives, hazmat, over-dimensional items, going anywhere across North America. Click here for rates, or click here if you're an owner operator interested in driving exclusively for Landstar.